Free 木工 计划s from 木work city
免费小屋计划 免费小屋计划

Maybe a 山寨 计划 might not be considered 木工, but I know that most 木workers feel the need to build everything themselves (or with a few friends). Because of that, I will often include 计划s that you might consider “construction” rather than “woodworking”.

This 自由 山寨 计划 is a printable PDF.  Click on the image for your 自由 山寨 计划.



我一直在为家人寻找一间小屋。我发现的大部分是’您想用于撤退的东西。通常,您会发现没有’不能真正满足您的需求,或者无法修复。这个 自由 山寨 计划 对于处于类似情况并已确定对我来说,购买原始土地并建造自己想要的东西对您而言非常有用。配偶总是更干净,更新。

Good luck with this 山寨 计划. I am sure that it can be a nice foundation for your retreat! The 计划 is in Adobe PDF format.


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