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免费的长板滑板板计划 免费的长板滑板板计划

我的儿子已经成为一名狂热的滑板手,他看到年龄较大的孩子们在长板上骑行。你们中有些人可能已经下载了 自由 滑冰 ramp 计划s.  当然,他现在想要一个长板。 As a father, and 木worker, I will take it upon myself to provide a 长板 from my son.  A bit indulgent, but it is fun to show your 孩子们 that they can build anything that they want.  Don’t be afraid to try.

自由 长 板 计划s

自由 长 板 计划s


The following 计划s were published in “使” magazine.  The file is a full PDF 计划.   Click on the image to view the full 计划s.  You can also visit the site directly at

Good luck with your 自由 滑板 计划.  Get creative!  If you build your own, please email pictures to us at [email protected]  We would love to publish your 长板项目.



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