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免费种植计划– Simple and Clean 免费种植计划– Simple and Clean

我不确定为什么,但是 计划ter 计划s (often referred to as 计划ter 框 计划s) are one of the most popular 自由 木 计划 items that we have at 木制品城.com.  实际上,已有超过25,000人查看了我们关于 “免费花箱计划”于2007年4月发布。

Click on the picture for the full set of 计划ter 框 计划s at Popular Mechanics.



Good luck!  We would love to see your own work.  If you complete one of these 计划ters, you can upload a picture using the comment form below.

PS: How easy would it be to modify this to be a 板凳 with 计划ters at each end, or corner style?  Have fun.

PDF: 免费种植者计划



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