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How to Build a Classic 西港椅 How to Build a Classic 西港椅

如果您是经典的阿迪朗达克椅子的粉丝,那么您可能会喜欢“Westport Chair”。 Westport椅子的外观由Thomas Lee于1903年提出。 椅子的简约外观很漂亮。 It just screams 阿迪朗达克 camp (the expensive kind) when I see it.

This 木 计划 is well documented and comes with a full video how to.  That is the most helpful part.  I would recommend that you watch the video from start to finish before you begin.

With any 木工 project, I strongly suggest that you review the complete 计划 prior to starting.  You will be better equipped to do things properly the first time.




一句话警告。的“shopping list”This Old House网站上的错误。他们提到1/2″木材作为您的材料。差远了。您需要购买的木材是5/4,即整1″厚度。这在 切割清单 (pdf) so I would strongly recommend you go through all parts of the 计划 prior to beginning.  A 椅子 made of 1/2″木材会在很短的时间内崩塌,甚至可能崩塌。

免费计划: How to Build a Classic 西港椅



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