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免费堆肥箱计划 免费堆肥箱计划


The following 自由 计划 is from RONA.  For those who don’众所周知,RONA是Home Depot和Lowes旗下的大型加拿大零售商。

If you are an active recycler and also a 花园er, there is no better combination.  回收报纸,蔬菜,咖啡渣等。 You could run out and grab a store bought 箱子, or you could build something that is more attractive and would suit your outdoor space properly.

老实说,我不确定这是什么左侧“bin / 内阁”应该用于。它可能只是一个准备区域,但也可能是一个不错的垃圾箱存储柜。



If the 计划 is ever moved from the RONA site, please let us know since we have a local copy of the PDF 计划s.

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