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我认为,您可以’t have too many 阿迪朗达克 椅子 计划 varieties. This is a terrific project that is good for any skill level. In fact, this was the first large scale project that I tackled after getting back into 木工 in the early 1990’s.

阿迪朗达克椅子是经典产品。它具有多种形状和样式,并为您提供了一个实验和测试设计技能的框架。椅子的结构很基本,但是很时尚。我看到一些富有创造力的人提出了一些设计,这些设计已经出现在高端户外家具零售商的页面上。偶尔有人问我关于“martini glass”阿迪朗达克椅子或“Old ski”阿迪朗达克椅子。让自己尝试一下。

这是一些不同的 自由 阿迪朗达克 椅子 计划s. The 计划s are not listed in any particular order. It is all a matter of your personal taste. You can reach the full 木 计划 by clicking on the picture. Enjoy!

  • From Rockler Woodworking (you might have to provide an e-mail for this 自由 计划)
  • Ubuild 阿迪朗达克主席图。这把椅子更像是“chair” with 4 legs as opposed to the front to back style of most 阿迪朗达克 椅子s. This can be very useful since your typical 阿迪朗达克 椅子 can be difficult to get in and out of if you are up in years, or have a bad back. A more elevate style (like the one below) is a great way to scale the 椅子 so that it is functional for the person who will be using it. Stylish too.
    ubuild adirondack 椅子
  • 家庭式阿迪朗达克和天井家具。如果您是DIY电视节目的迷,您可能会认识到制作此电影的人。这些计划来自Hometime的人们。他们还提供了一个漂亮的边桌和脚凳的计划。
  • 阿迪朗达克 椅子 计划
    build easy 阿迪朗达克 椅子
  • Amateur Woodworker 阿迪朗达克 椅子 计划s
    amateur 木worker 计划s
  • Buildeasy的双人阿迪朗达克椅子(Loveseat)
    自由 adirondack loveseat 计划s
  • This is a classic style 阿迪朗达克 from Popular Mechanics. As expected these 计划s are very well laid out with a great exploded view of the project.Popular mechanics 阿迪朗达克 椅子 计划s
  • This is a direct download of a 椅子 known as 杰克’的椅子。该计划已经存在了一段时间,并且一直免费。您可能会在很多地方找到它,但我们认为我们无法’t write about 自由 阿迪朗达克 椅子 计划s without including “Jake’s Chair”。当您单击图像时,将提示您下载免费计划文件。
    杰克's 椅子

唐’t be afraid to mix and match some of your favorite features from all of the 椅子 designs above. You might like the concave back of one of the 椅子s, but prefer the scalloped look of another. You might prefer a straight arm to the curved arm. Come up with your own 计划. There isn’任何正确或错误的答案。如果您有自己的想法,请给我们发送图片以在此处发布。

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