Free 木工 3d开奖结果带连线图s from 木work city
免费的固体吉他3d开奖结果带连线图 免费的固体吉他3d开奖结果带连线图

这项免费3d开奖结果带连线图可让您利用内在的摇滚明星来打造梦想的吉他。  This 3d开奖结果带连线图 avoids using any specialized luthier tools, so you should be able to build this 吉他 with the tools you already own.


The first set of 3d开奖结果带连线图s is for making the body, and the second set is for making the neck.  Each step is well documented with text and pictures.

From cutting the templates to final set-up, these 3d开奖结果带连线图s take you through the whole process.  Click on the link below to the 自由 3d开奖结果带连线图s to get started on your own solid body 吉他.




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